you don’t know

what to live is

only too good


what is hunger

have labor

for little reward

tat you just

keeps you alive

parties is not sacred

when it comes to

the machinations of their

conning greed for power

and profit brains.




-Financial crisis


taxpayers pay for

such representatives

of the people


the colliery

Thoughts about the ………

Human dignity!!!

These are values that have long been nothing but empty

The words are:

Millions of unemployed are on the unturned shelf of KoBa

which are no longer needed.

We are systimatically made by representatives of

the people with empty wordsbecause in Germany the addiction

has only thebig name will belong on politics – talk show of

only half of them considered the truth to the talk!”

Discrimination against Eastern Pensioners in Germany!

Pensioners in the East have been receiving less pension for

decades because of mass unemployment in 1990s has made

us the years of work Lack.

We with unemployment benefit – and from 2005 with Hartz IV

were fed off. Us citizens, like people third class trade!

Woe to you have opened your mouth.


German- Everyday Life

What do i do ?

no longer


to haveto

the formet

ordered me

to the full-back



the get to the Knowledge


must take

for which!


Pre -loaded


with mockery and

despicable looks

asks the question


how i my debts

wants to pay

A- Schufa


I would be sure

for the protection of the State

Indifferent glances

in the room





I feel

to the sidelines



the stupidity of the mass


is an expression

of her face ….


Party lackes

of the SPD

of the CDU

is nothing holy

when it is about their money

of the career